Mr. & Mrs. Buschman

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Dennis & Micaela Buschman

May 12, 2018

Bel Air Events

Kokomo, Indiana


 This lovely pair was so much fun to work with from the start! I met this couple when they were in the midst of planning their big day and I was overjoyed to be apart of the journey and celebration! Dennis and Micaela were high school sweethearts who let their love story show during their wedding ceremony! They had personal touches to make it their own! These two are a true definition of LOVE and I know the bond they share will last a lifetime! Thank you both so much for allowing me to be apart of your big day! I wish you both nothing but everlasting happiness and a lifetime of love and laughter! 

Vendor Spotlight:

Planner- Shawn Cain

Hair-Create Hair Salon (Jill Roth)

Catering- Pastarrrific

Venue- Bel Air Events

Photographer- Tori Lynn Photography

Florist- FTD

DJ- Eric Tunno

Groomsmen Rentals- Alex's Apparel

Bridal Gown/Dresses- David's Bridal (Lafayette)


Be sure to check out all of the beauty in this wedding blog!!!

2018-06-05_00022018-06-05_0002 2018-06-05_00032018-06-05_0003 2018-06-05_00062018-06-05_0006

I LOVE DETAILS!!! 2018-06-05_00072018-06-05_0007 2018-06-05_00082018-06-05_0008 2018-06-05_00092018-06-05_0009 2018-06-05_00102018-06-05_0010 2018-06-05_00112018-06-05_0011

These colors are so pretty together am I right??? 2018-06-05_00122018-06-05_0012 2018-06-05_00132018-06-05_0013 2018-06-05_00142018-06-05_0014


2018-06-05_00052018-06-05_0005 2018-06-05_00152018-06-05_0015 2018-06-05_00162018-06-05_0016 2018-06-05_00172018-06-05_0017 2018-06-05_00182018-06-05_0018 2018-06-05_00192018-06-05_0019

Such a fun group of groomsmen! 2018-06-05_00202018-06-05_0020 2018-06-05_00212018-06-05_0021 2018-06-05_00222018-06-05_0022 2018-06-05_00232018-06-05_0023 2018-06-05_00242018-06-05_0024

Aren't they so pretty!!! 2018-06-05_00252018-06-05_0025 2018-06-05_00262018-06-05_0026 2018-06-05_00272018-06-05_0027

Seriously this first look had us all shook!  2018-06-05_00282018-06-05_0028 2018-06-05_00292018-06-05_0029 2018-06-05_00302018-06-05_0030

Little letters for each to read before they say "I DO"! so many emotions! 

2018-06-05_00312018-06-05_0031 2018-06-05_00322018-06-05_0032 2018-06-05_00332018-06-05_0033


2018-06-05_00042018-06-05_0004 2018-06-05_00342018-06-05_0034 2018-06-05_00352018-06-05_0035

AHHHHH 2018-06-05_00362018-06-05_0036 2018-06-05_00372018-06-05_0037 2018-06-05_00382018-06-05_0038 2018-06-05_00392018-06-05_0039 2018-06-05_00402018-06-05_0040 2018-06-05_00412018-06-05_0041 2018-06-05_00422018-06-05_0042 2018-06-05_00432018-06-05_0043 2018-06-05_00442018-06-05_0044

I LOVE THIS UNITY!!  2018-06-05_00452018-06-05_0045 2018-06-05_00462018-06-05_0046 2018-06-05_00472018-06-05_0047 2018-06-05_00482018-06-05_0048 2018-06-05_00492018-06-05_0049

One, Two, Three.....Hit that pose! 2018-06-05_00502018-06-05_0050 2018-06-05_00512018-06-05_0051 2018-06-05_00522018-06-05_0052 2018-06-05_00532018-06-05_0053 Daddy's Little Girl!

2018-06-05_00702018-06-05_0070 2018-06-05_00712018-06-05_0071 2018-06-05_00542018-06-05_0054

One Big FAMILY! 2018-06-05_00552018-06-05_0055 2018-06-05_00562018-06-05_0056 2018-06-05_00572018-06-05_0057 2018-06-05_00582018-06-05_0058 2018-06-05_00592018-06-05_0059

THESE TWO!!!! 2018-06-05_00602018-06-05_0060 2018-06-05_00612018-06-05_0061 2018-06-05_00622018-06-05_0062

So much perfection in one photo! 2018-06-05_00632018-06-05_0063 2018-06-05_00642018-06-05_0064 2018-06-05_00652018-06-05_0065

Dance the night with me! 2018-06-05_00662018-06-05_0066 2018-06-05_00672018-06-05_0067 2018-06-05_00682018-06-05_0068

Special dances make everyone shed a tear! 2018-06-05_00692018-06-05_0069

Congrats to both of you and your families!!!! 


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