Tori Lynn Photography | Elijah is Half Way to ONE!

Elijah is Half Way to ONE!

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Elijah is Half Way There!

France Park

Logansport, IN 

May 2018


 I have had the pleasure of working with this little guy before he made his official appearance!  Watching this little man grow is so much fun and being able to capture it along the way is that much better! We ventured to a secret spot at France Park for his fishing themed session! He was a little shy at first, but with a little music and funny faces we got those perfect smiles!! Be sure to check out the special guest at the end!!! 


2018-05-16_00022018-05-16_0002 2018-05-16_00032018-05-16_0003 2018-05-16_00042018-05-16_0004 2018-05-16_00052018-05-16_0005 2018-05-16_00062018-05-16_0006 2018-05-16_00072018-05-16_0007 2018-05-16_00082018-05-16_0008 2018-05-16_00092018-05-16_0009 2018-05-16_00112018-05-16_0011 2018-05-16_00102018-05-16_0010 2018-05-16_00122018-05-16_0012 2018-05-16_00142018-05-16_0014 2018-05-16_00132018-05-16_0013 2018-05-16_00152018-05-16_0015 Oh Hey Big Sister!!! Of course I had to get a few of just her! 2018-05-16_00162018-05-16_0016 2018-05-16_00192018-05-16_0019 2018-05-16_00202018-05-16_0020 2018-05-16_00172018-05-16_0017 2018-05-16_00182018-05-16_0018

Aren't they the cutest?!?


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