Tori Lynn Photography | Bright and Bold Styled Wedding

Bright and Bold Styled Wedding

April 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Bright and Bold Styled Shoot

David Adler Estate

Libertyville, IL

April 8th, 2018


This Bright colored inspired shoot is simply stunning! The vendors who participated were exceptional and created a dream summer wedding for any planning bride! David Adler Estate is a breathtaking venue full of history and beautiful art work displayed throughout! This simple and elegant styled shoot is nothing short of perfection!  This bright wedding was so much fun and let us all express our creative and BOLD side! I cannot thank all the vendors enough for rocking it out and of course sharing their love for weddings with me!!! Did I mention this shoot will be featured this July with Budget Savvy Bride???? 


Be sure to check out all of the goodies we came up with!!!


Vendor Spotlight:

Planner and Host: Tori Lynn Photography

Makeup/Hair: Rana Nasif Hair and Makeup

Cake: Cakes by Latsis Bakery

Florist: Aysel Cristian Floral Atelier

Model(s):Lindsay Rakovich and Cody Smith

Venue: David Adler Estate

Bridal Wear: Bri'Zan Couture

Jewelry: Styled by Markie 

Stationary: Delaina J Designs

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Sooo in love with her simple updo! 2018-04-26_00282018-04-26_0028 2018-04-26_00042018-04-26_0004 2018-04-26_00052018-04-26_0005 2018-04-26_00062018-04-26_0006

Hello beautiful....ahhhh 2018-04-26_00092018-04-26_0009

GAHHHHHHH 2018-04-26_00082018-04-26_0008 2018-04-26_00072018-04-26_0007 2018-04-26_00102018-04-26_0010

Hobby Lobby and thrift stores are a brides best friend! 2018-04-26_00112018-04-26_0011 2018-04-26_00122018-04-26_0012 2018-04-26_00152018-04-26_0015

This gown was so FLOWY!!! Its so perfect for any summer wedding! 2018-04-26_00142018-04-26_0014 2018-04-26_00132018-04-26_0013 2018-04-26_00022018-04-26_0002 2018-04-26_00032018-04-26_0003 2018-04-26_00182018-04-26_0018 2018-04-26_00172018-04-26_0017 2018-04-26_00012018-04-26_0001 2018-04-26_00162018-04-26_0016 2018-04-26_00192018-04-26_0019 2018-04-26_00202018-04-26_0020 2018-04-26_00212018-04-26_0021 2018-04-26_00272018-04-26_0027

Seriously how perfect is that hand painted cake? 2018-04-26_00262018-04-26_0026 2018-04-26_00252018-04-26_0025

Simple is best sometimes! 2018-04-26_00242018-04-26_0024 2018-04-26_00232018-04-26_0023

Thanks so much for checking out this beautiful shoot! Stay tuned for our feature with Budget Savvy Bride coming this July!


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