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Milk Anyone???

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My little girl is growing up so fast! Last night her dad and I decided to capture her in her favorite thing MILK (well water!) She didn't really smile as much as we thought so I guess we will just have to do another session!!!

We were trying to sneak in every glimpse of sun from behind the storm clouds as we could! And let me tell you the sun was amazing!

Of course this was her first experience with flowers floating in her bath so you can imagine the looks we got! 

Not much to our surprise, since at this stage everything we touch finds its way to our mouth, every flower at some point made it there too!

With a mix of sun and clouds(and a storm rolling in) this little one full of sass was not willing to give up any smiles to mommy and daddy! A beautiful setting at her daddy's childhood barn, a bucket with creamy milk water, gorgeous flowers of purple and green, and the most perfect 6 month old made this session amazing!

Towards the end little miss had her fill (which was well warranted)!! 

Nothing makes her calm down faster than a little snuggle from her favorite guy, her daddy!!!

All in all little miss Tinley did amazing and mommy was able to capture another milestone!


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