Tori Lynn Photography: Blog en-us (C) Tori Lynn Photography (Tori Lynn Photography) Fri, 06 Jul 2018 06:09:00 GMT Fri, 06 Jul 2018 06:09:00 GMT Tori Lynn Photography: Blog 90 120 Steven & Olivia E-Sesh Steven & Olivia Engagement

Idaville, IN

June 28, 2018

This duo was so full of fun and great ideas to make this session their own! Olivia and Steven braved the heat and the bugs for their beautiful engagement shoot! These two ended their session with a BANG! Can you say color explosion?!? Seriously it was a blast to capture them just being them! I cannot wait to send this gallery off to them and continue to work with them in the days leading up to their big day! Thank you both for being so amazing to work with!! 

2018-07-06_00012018-07-06_0001 2018-07-06_00022018-07-06_0002 2018-07-06_00032018-07-06_0003 2018-07-06_00042018-07-06_0004 2018-07-06_00052018-07-06_0005 2018-07-06_00062018-07-06_0006 2018-07-06_00072018-07-06_0007 so much cuteness!!! 2018-07-06_00082018-07-06_0008 2018-07-06_00092018-07-06_0009 2018-07-06_00102018-07-06_0010 AHHHHH <3 2018-07-06_00112018-07-06_0011 2018-07-06_00122018-07-06_0012 2018-07-06_00132018-07-06_0013 2018-07-06_00142018-07-06_0014 2018-07-06_00152018-07-06_0015 2018-07-06_00162018-07-06_0016 2018-07-06_00172018-07-06_0017 2018-07-06_00182018-07-06_0018 2018-07-06_00192018-07-06_0019 Aren't they so cute! 

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Kate Spade Bridal Shower Kate Spade Shower- Miss to Mrs. 

Whyte Horse Winery- Monticello, Indiana

June 2, 2018


The look was inspired by the one and only Kate Spade! Our Bride to Be was showered with paper florals and of course a bubbly bar! All of the little details made this shower an absolute show stopper! With special help from Homestead Bestie Creations our vision and decorations were brought to life! Cakes by Pam outdid herself once again with three layered mini chocolate cakes and of course sugar cookies decorated with all things Spade! Once again a special thank you to Whyte Horse Winery for allowing us to host this beautiful shower on their property and a little love to our wonderful wine tender who was able to help all of the guests make the perfect cocktail!!  Be sure to check out all of the details!!! Enjoy and Congrats to the Mrs. :)



Venue- Whyte Horse Winery

Photographer- Tori Lynn Photography 

Bakery- Cakes By Pam

Decorations/Planning- Homestead Bestie Creations

Paper Florals on Backdrop-  Allie Louthen & Shelly Livingston


2018-07-05_00012018-07-05_0001 2018-07-05_00022018-07-05_0002 2018-07-05_00032018-07-05_0003 2018-07-05_00042018-07-05_0004

All those PAPER FLORALS!!!!! 2018-07-05_00052018-07-05_0005

A sign-in and a home decor piece!!! So cute!  2018-07-05_00062018-07-05_0006 2018-07-05_00072018-07-05_0007

What is a Kate Spade party without a Bubbly Bar!?!? 2018-07-05_00092018-07-05_0009

Games are a little something extra to add at any type of shower!!! 2018-07-05_00082018-07-05_0008


Handmade Thank You gifts! Each was personalized with the Bride to Be's shower date and a chapstick inside for them to keep!  2018-07-05_00112018-07-05_0011

Paper Florals for the BackDrop!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 2018-07-05_00122018-07-05_0012

Small details everywhere! 2018-07-05_00132018-07-05_0013 2018-07-05_00142018-07-05_0014

Seriously this venue is perfect!!! LOVE the lighting and space!  2018-07-05_00152018-07-05_0015 2018-07-05_00162018-07-05_0016 2018-07-05_00172018-07-05_0017

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this fun shower idea!! 

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Mr. & Mrs. Wommack Mr. & Mrs. Wommack

Crown Point, Indiana

June 1, 2018


Ahhh these two were so CUTE! John and Sami were so laid back and an absolute joy to work with! Sami and I connected over a video chat and I knew right then I was going to love working with the couple and their families! This backyard wedding took place at the couples home near their beautiful pond! They were surrounded with close family and friends...and of course their fur baby!  I wish you two nothing but absolute happiness and a lifetime of precious memories!!!


be sure to check out all of the lovely personal touched Sami put together!!! 2018-06-29_00012018-06-29_0001 2018-06-29_00022018-06-29_0002 2018-06-29_00032018-06-29_0003 2018-06-29_00042018-06-29_0004 2018-06-29_00052018-06-29_0005 2018-06-29_00062018-06-29_0006 SERIOUSLY THESE SHOES!!! 2018-06-29_00072018-06-29_0007 2018-06-29_00082018-06-29_0008 2018-06-29_00092018-06-29_0009 2018-06-29_00102018-06-29_0010 2018-06-29_00112018-06-29_0011 2018-06-29_00122018-06-29_0012 2018-06-29_00132018-06-29_0013 2018-06-29_00142018-06-29_0014 2018-06-29_00152018-06-29_0015 2018-06-29_00162018-06-29_0016 2018-06-29_00172018-06-29_0017 2018-06-29_00182018-06-29_0018 2018-06-29_00192018-06-29_0019 2018-06-29_00202018-06-29_0020 2018-06-29_00212018-06-29_0021 2018-06-29_00222018-06-29_0022 2018-06-29_00232018-06-29_0023 2018-06-29_00242018-06-29_0024 2018-06-29_00252018-06-29_0025 2018-06-29_00262018-06-29_0026 2018-06-29_00272018-06-29_0027 2018-06-29_00282018-06-29_0028 2018-06-29_00302018-06-29_0030 2018-06-29_00312018-06-29_0031 2018-06-29_00322018-06-29_0032 2018-06-29_00332018-06-29_0033 2018-06-29_00342018-06-29_0034 2018-06-29_00352018-06-29_0035 2018-06-29_00362018-06-29_0036 2018-06-29_00372018-06-29_0037 2018-06-29_00402018-06-29_0040 2018-06-29_00382018-06-29_0038 welcome to the family!!! 2018-06-29_00392018-06-29_0039

2018-06-29_00292018-06-29_0029 CONGRATS YOU TWO!!!

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Mark & Stephanie- Engaged Mark and Stephanie~ Engaged!

Monticello, Indiana

June 2018


Mark and Stephanie snagged the most perfect spring evening for their first engagement session! We stopped downtown Monticello for a little stroll and then went exploring at the Altherr Nature Park! I have known Mark for several years and recently had the pleasure to meet Stephanie during their wedding consultation! Stephanie had a vision in mind for the months leading up to their 2019 wedding and it includes a full year of engagement sessions (yes that will mean one each season...IM SO HAPPY!!!) We kicked it off their first session during our lovely spring season and let's just say it could not have been any more beautiful! Although the weather had other plans for the fresh blooms we took full advantage of the wildflowers and open fields! I cannot wait until their next session (hint hint it may take place at an amusement park <3 ) and of course their big day!!! Thank you both so much for being amazing and allowing me to capture your final year before you say "I DO"!! 


Be sure to check out all the pretty captured in this spring engagement!

2018-06-15_00012018-06-15_0001 2018-06-15_00022018-06-15_0002 2018-06-15_00032018-06-15_0003

Teaching every bride to be how to properly twirl is now in my job description :)  2018-06-15_00042018-06-15_0004 2018-06-15_00052018-06-15_0005 2018-06-15_00062018-06-15_0006 2018-06-15_00072018-06-15_0007 2018-06-15_00082018-06-15_0008 2018-06-15_00102018-06-15_0010 2018-06-15_00092018-06-15_0009

Ok, back story....Stephanie is terrified of the dip.....CAN YOU TELL...I THINK NOT :)  2018-06-15_00112018-06-15_0011 2018-06-15_00132018-06-15_0013 2018-06-15_00122018-06-15_0012 2018-06-15_00162018-06-15_0016 2018-06-15_00142018-06-15_0014 2018-06-15_00152018-06-15_0015

Aren't they just the cutest???



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Ryan & Rachel Engaged! Ryan & Rachel Engaged! 

West Lafayette, Indiana

May 25,2018


This duo was so much fun to work with! I first met the couple at their wedding consultation and I knew right then that I was excited to get to work with them both! We started their session at Ryans second home, the West Lafayette Fire Department!  I love being able to incorporated special details in each of my sessions, so to say I was excited is an understatement! We ventured off to play by the water and in the woods! They were seriously troopers during what I think was the HOTTEST day of the year thus far!  And just wait until you see their fur baby!!! Thank you both so much for allowing my to be apart of such an important time of your lives!!! I cannot wait for your big day! 2018-06-14_00162018-06-14_0016 2018-06-14_00182018-06-14_0018 2018-06-14_00192018-06-14_0019 2018-06-14_00202018-06-14_0020 2018-06-14_00172018-06-14_0017 2018-06-14_00212018-06-14_0021 2018-06-14_00012018-06-14_0001 2018-06-14_00032018-06-14_0003 2018-06-14_00052018-06-14_0005 2018-06-14_00042018-06-14_0004 2018-06-14_00062018-06-14_0006 2018-06-14_00072018-06-14_0007 2018-06-14_00082018-06-14_0008 2018-06-14_00092018-06-14_0009 2018-06-14_00102018-06-14_0010 2018-06-14_00112018-06-14_0011 2018-06-14_00122018-06-14_0012 2018-06-14_00132018-06-14_0013 2018-06-14_00142018-06-14_0014 2018-06-14_00152018-06-14_0015

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Mr. & Mrs. Buschman Dennis & Micaela Buschman

May 12, 2018

Bel Air Events

Kokomo, Indiana


 This lovely pair was so much fun to work with from the start! I met this couple when they were in the midst of planning their big day and I was overjoyed to be apart of the journey and celebration! Dennis and Micaela were high school sweethearts who let their love story show during their wedding ceremony! They had personal touches to make it their own! These two are a true definition of LOVE and I know the bond they share will last a lifetime! Thank you both so much for allowing me to be apart of your big day! I wish you both nothing but everlasting happiness and a lifetime of love and laughter! 

Vendor Spotlight:

Planner- Shawn Cain

Hair-Create Hair Salon (Jill Roth)

Catering- Pastarrrific

Venue- Bel Air Events

Photographer- Tori Lynn Photography

Florist- FTD

DJ- Eric Tunno

Groomsmen Rentals- Alex's Apparel

Bridal Gown/Dresses- David's Bridal (Lafayette)


Be sure to check out all of the beauty in this wedding blog!!!

2018-06-05_00022018-06-05_0002 2018-06-05_00032018-06-05_0003 2018-06-05_00062018-06-05_0006

I LOVE DETAILS!!! 2018-06-05_00072018-06-05_0007 2018-06-05_00082018-06-05_0008 2018-06-05_00092018-06-05_0009 2018-06-05_00102018-06-05_0010 2018-06-05_00112018-06-05_0011

These colors are so pretty together am I right??? 2018-06-05_00122018-06-05_0012 2018-06-05_00132018-06-05_0013 2018-06-05_00142018-06-05_0014


2018-06-05_00052018-06-05_0005 2018-06-05_00152018-06-05_0015 2018-06-05_00162018-06-05_0016 2018-06-05_00172018-06-05_0017 2018-06-05_00182018-06-05_0018 2018-06-05_00192018-06-05_0019

Such a fun group of groomsmen! 2018-06-05_00202018-06-05_0020 2018-06-05_00212018-06-05_0021 2018-06-05_00222018-06-05_0022 2018-06-05_00232018-06-05_0023 2018-06-05_00242018-06-05_0024

Aren't they so pretty!!! 2018-06-05_00252018-06-05_0025 2018-06-05_00262018-06-05_0026 2018-06-05_00272018-06-05_0027

Seriously this first look had us all shook!  2018-06-05_00282018-06-05_0028 2018-06-05_00292018-06-05_0029 2018-06-05_00302018-06-05_0030

Little letters for each to read before they say "I DO"! so many emotions! 

2018-06-05_00312018-06-05_0031 2018-06-05_00322018-06-05_0032 2018-06-05_00332018-06-05_0033


2018-06-05_00042018-06-05_0004 2018-06-05_00342018-06-05_0034 2018-06-05_00352018-06-05_0035

AHHHHH 2018-06-05_00362018-06-05_0036 2018-06-05_00372018-06-05_0037 2018-06-05_00382018-06-05_0038 2018-06-05_00392018-06-05_0039 2018-06-05_00402018-06-05_0040 2018-06-05_00412018-06-05_0041 2018-06-05_00422018-06-05_0042 2018-06-05_00432018-06-05_0043 2018-06-05_00442018-06-05_0044

I LOVE THIS UNITY!!  2018-06-05_00452018-06-05_0045 2018-06-05_00462018-06-05_0046 2018-06-05_00472018-06-05_0047 2018-06-05_00482018-06-05_0048 2018-06-05_00492018-06-05_0049

One, Two, Three.....Hit that pose! 2018-06-05_00502018-06-05_0050 2018-06-05_00512018-06-05_0051 2018-06-05_00522018-06-05_0052 2018-06-05_00532018-06-05_0053 Daddy's Little Girl!

2018-06-05_00702018-06-05_0070 2018-06-05_00712018-06-05_0071 2018-06-05_00542018-06-05_0054

One Big FAMILY! 2018-06-05_00552018-06-05_0055 2018-06-05_00562018-06-05_0056 2018-06-05_00572018-06-05_0057 2018-06-05_00582018-06-05_0058 2018-06-05_00592018-06-05_0059

THESE TWO!!!! 2018-06-05_00602018-06-05_0060 2018-06-05_00612018-06-05_0061 2018-06-05_00622018-06-05_0062

So much perfection in one photo! 2018-06-05_00632018-06-05_0063 2018-06-05_00642018-06-05_0064 2018-06-05_00652018-06-05_0065

Dance the night with me! 2018-06-05_00662018-06-05_0066 2018-06-05_00672018-06-05_0067 2018-06-05_00682018-06-05_0068

Special dances make everyone shed a tear! 2018-06-05_00692018-06-05_0069

Congrats to both of you and your families!!!! 

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Welcome Miss Scarlett Scarlett Farrer

Newborn Lifestyle Session

Logansport, IN 

April 2018


This little doll baby was nothing short of perfection! Scarlett made her debut to this big world last month! When Kristen and Taylor asked me to shoot their newborn baby girl I was all too excited! I was able to capture this couple before they found out they were expecting and in the process of building their dream home! Now this family of 3 is living their fairytale together in that dream home! I am so happy I was able to capture such important milestones and cannot wait for the years to come! Be sure to check out all of Scarlett and her parents!  Thank you both once again!

2018-05-16_00432018-05-16_0043 2018-05-16_00442018-05-16_0044 2018-05-16_00422018-05-16_0042 2018-05-16_00412018-05-16_0041 2018-05-16_00402018-05-16_0040 2018-05-16_00372018-05-16_0037 2018-05-16_00382018-05-16_0038 2018-05-16_00392018-05-16_0039 2018-05-16_00362018-05-16_0036 2018-05-16_00352018-05-16_0035 2018-05-16_00342018-05-16_0034 2018-05-16_00272018-05-16_0027 2018-05-16_00292018-05-16_0029 2018-05-16_00262018-05-16_0026 2018-05-16_00302018-05-16_0030 2018-05-16_00252018-05-16_0025 2018-05-16_00312018-05-16_0031 2018-05-16_00282018-05-16_0028 2018-05-16_00322018-05-16_0032 2018-05-16_00332018-05-16_0033 2018-05-16_00242018-05-16_0024 2018-05-16_00232018-05-16_0023 2018-05-16_00212018-05-16_0021 2018-05-16_00222018-05-16_0022


(Tori Lynn Photography) Wed, 16 May 2018 23:30:00 GMT
Elijah is Half Way to ONE! Elijah is Half Way There!

France Park

Logansport, IN 

May 2018


 I have had the pleasure of working with this little guy before he made his official appearance!  Watching this little man grow is so much fun and being able to capture it along the way is that much better! We ventured to a secret spot at France Park for his fishing themed session! He was a little shy at first, but with a little music and funny faces we got those perfect smiles!! Be sure to check out the special guest at the end!!! 


2018-05-16_00022018-05-16_0002 2018-05-16_00032018-05-16_0003 2018-05-16_00042018-05-16_0004 2018-05-16_00052018-05-16_0005 2018-05-16_00062018-05-16_0006 2018-05-16_00072018-05-16_0007 2018-05-16_00082018-05-16_0008 2018-05-16_00092018-05-16_0009 2018-05-16_00112018-05-16_0011 2018-05-16_00102018-05-16_0010 2018-05-16_00122018-05-16_0012 2018-05-16_00142018-05-16_0014 2018-05-16_00132018-05-16_0013 2018-05-16_00152018-05-16_0015 Oh Hey Big Sister!!! Of course I had to get a few of just her! 2018-05-16_00162018-05-16_0016 2018-05-16_00192018-05-16_0019 2018-05-16_00202018-05-16_0020 2018-05-16_00172018-05-16_0017 2018-05-16_00182018-05-16_0018

Aren't they the cutest?!?

(Tori Lynn Photography) Wed, 16 May 2018 19:16:15 GMT
Dennis and Micaela E-Sesh Dennis & Micaela Engaged 

France Park

Logansport, IN 

May 2018


Dennis and Micaela are a true love story! They met in a small school and the rest is history! The two have developed such an amazing relationship and friendship and they let it explode during their session! I love working with high school sweethearts and hearing all about their fairytale! I was beyond excited to work with these two and capture their big day! I wish you both nothing but true happiness and a lifetime together! Enjoy their Engagement session and stay tuned for their big day!!!


2018-05-15_00012018-05-15_0001 2018-05-15_00022018-05-15_0002 2018-05-15_00032018-05-15_0003 2018-05-15_00042018-05-15_0004 2018-05-15_00052018-05-15_0005 2018-05-15_00062018-05-15_0006 2018-05-15_00072018-05-15_0007 2018-05-15_00112018-05-15_0011 2018-05-15_00122018-05-15_0012 2018-05-15_00132018-05-15_0013

ahh all those smiles!! 2018-05-15_00142018-05-15_0014 2018-05-15_00152018-05-15_0015 2018-05-15_00162018-05-15_0016 2018-05-15_00172018-05-15_0017 2018-05-15_00182018-05-15_0018 2018-05-15_00092018-05-15_0009 2018-05-15_00102018-05-15_0010 2018-05-15_00082018-05-15_0008 2018-05-15_00192018-05-15_0019

(Tori Lynn Photography) Tue, 15 May 2018 23:46:53 GMT
Tim and Jayme E-Sesh Tim & Jayme

Adams Mill

Cutler, Indiana

April 2018


This lovely couple was so much fun to work with and so easy cute! When Jayme asked if I would be her photographer I was so excited! I love working with new couples and getting to know their love stories! These two love birds met at a little get together and the rest is history! Tim grew up exploring this beautiful spot so he was able to show me some hidden spots! I cannot wait to see these two on their big day!! Thank you again for being so incredible! 

Be sure to scroll through all of this wonderful couples love story! 2018-05-02_00102018-05-02_0010 2018-05-02_00172018-05-02_0017 2018-05-02_00152018-05-02_0015 2018-05-02_00142018-05-02_0014 2018-05-02_00122018-05-02_0012 2018-05-02_00162018-05-02_0016 2018-05-02_00132018-05-02_0013 2018-05-02_00112018-05-02_0011 2018-05-02_00092018-05-02_0009 2018-05-02_00062018-05-02_0006 2018-05-02_00032018-05-02_0003 2018-05-02_00022018-05-02_0002 2018-05-02_00052018-05-02_0005 2018-05-02_00072018-05-02_0007 2018-05-02_00042018-05-02_0004 2018-05-02_00012018-05-02_0001 2018-05-02_00082018-05-02_0008

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Bright and Bold Styled Wedding Bright and Bold Styled Shoot

David Adler Estate

Libertyville, IL

April 8th, 2018


This Bright colored inspired shoot is simply stunning! The vendors who participated were exceptional and created a dream summer wedding for any planning bride! David Adler Estate is a breathtaking venue full of history and beautiful art work displayed throughout! This simple and elegant styled shoot is nothing short of perfection!  This bright wedding was so much fun and let us all express our creative and BOLD side! I cannot thank all the vendors enough for rocking it out and of course sharing their love for weddings with me!!! Did I mention this shoot will be featured this July with Budget Savvy Bride???? 


Be sure to check out all of the goodies we came up with!!!


Vendor Spotlight:

Planner and Host: Tori Lynn Photography

Makeup/Hair: Rana Nasif Hair and Makeup

Cake: Cakes by Latsis Bakery

Florist: Aysel Cristian Floral Atelier

Model(s):Lindsay Rakovich and Cody Smith

Venue: David Adler Estate

Bridal Wear: Bri'Zan Couture

Jewelry: Styled by Markie 

Stationary: Delaina J Designs

2018-04-26_00302018-04-26_0030 2018-04-26_00022018-04-26_0002



Sooo in love with her simple updo! 2018-04-26_00282018-04-26_0028 2018-04-26_00042018-04-26_0004 2018-04-26_00052018-04-26_0005 2018-04-26_00062018-04-26_0006

Hello beautiful....ahhhh 2018-04-26_00092018-04-26_0009

GAHHHHHHH 2018-04-26_00082018-04-26_0008 2018-04-26_00072018-04-26_0007 2018-04-26_00102018-04-26_0010

Hobby Lobby and thrift stores are a brides best friend! 2018-04-26_00112018-04-26_0011 2018-04-26_00122018-04-26_0012 2018-04-26_00152018-04-26_0015

This gown was so FLOWY!!! Its so perfect for any summer wedding! 2018-04-26_00142018-04-26_0014 2018-04-26_00132018-04-26_0013 2018-04-26_00022018-04-26_0002 2018-04-26_00032018-04-26_0003 2018-04-26_00182018-04-26_0018 2018-04-26_00172018-04-26_0017 2018-04-26_00012018-04-26_0001 2018-04-26_00162018-04-26_0016 2018-04-26_00192018-04-26_0019 2018-04-26_00202018-04-26_0020 2018-04-26_00212018-04-26_0021 2018-04-26_00272018-04-26_0027

Seriously how perfect is that hand painted cake? 2018-04-26_00262018-04-26_0026 2018-04-26_00252018-04-26_0025

Simple is best sometimes! 2018-04-26_00242018-04-26_0024 2018-04-26_00232018-04-26_0023

Thanks so much for checking out this beautiful shoot! Stay tuned for our feature with Budget Savvy Bride coming this July!

(Tori Lynn Photography) Thu, 26 Apr 2018 18:33:53 GMT
Emerald and Gold Wedding Inspiration- Styled Emerald and Gold Styled Shoot

Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast

Ann Arbor, MI

March 5th, 2018


This emerald green inspired shoot is nothing short of breathtaking! The vendors who participated were phenomenal when bringing a vision to life! With details galore this modern day spin on an Irish setting is sure to make any bride dream of GREEN!!!! The Stone Chalet is a breathtaking venue full of hidden treasures, historic pieces, and a story behind every door making it another reason I was so excited to see my inspiration board in real life! I traveled almost 5 hours to capture this timeless and romantic styled shoot! I cannot thank all the vendors enough for rocking it out and of course sharing their love for weddings with me!!!


Be sure to check out all of the goodies we came up with!!!


Vendor Spotlight:

Planner and Host: Tori Lynn Photography

Videographer: White Willo Media 


CakeCottage View Cakery 

Florist: Flowerly Art 

Model(s): Jared Ammons and Allie Rodriguez

Venue: Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast 

Bridal Wear: Pins & Needles On Main 

Table Décor/Dishware: Creating Flair (Flair by Fiona) 

Jewelry: Styled by Markie (Jeweled necklace and earrings ) and Honey Shea Studios (Pendent necklace and Silver Teardrop Earrings) 

Stationary: Dco Lovenotes

2018-03-29_00112018-03-29_0011 2018-03-29_00122018-03-29_0012

Ahh those jewels!!! 2018-03-29_00132018-03-29_0013 2018-03-29_00172018-03-29_0017 2018-03-29_00142018-03-29_0014 2018-03-29_00162018-03-29_0016 2018-03-29_00182018-03-29_0018

UMM HELLO GORGEOUS!!!  2018-03-29_00192018-03-29_0019 2018-03-29_00202018-03-29_0020

Details on details!  2018-03-29_00232018-03-29_0023 2018-03-29_00222018-03-29_0022

This VENUE!!!!! 2018-03-29_00212018-03-29_0021 2018-03-29_00292018-03-29_0029 2018-03-29_00242018-03-29_0024 2018-03-29_00272018-03-29_0027 2018-03-29_00252018-03-29_0025

Loving this simplicity of this table scape! I mean its so beautiful! 2018-03-29_00262018-03-29_0026 2018-03-29_00282018-03-29_0028

SO MUCH DETAIL IN ONE CAKE!!! 2018-03-29_00302018-03-29_0030 2018-03-29_00332018-03-29_0033 2018-03-29_00362018-03-29_0036 2018-03-29_00372018-03-29_0037 2018-03-29_00342018-03-29_0034 2018-03-29_00312018-03-29_0031 2018-03-29_00322018-03-29_0032 2018-03-29_00352018-03-29_0035 2018-03-29_00382018-03-29_0038 2018-03-29_00442018-03-29_0044

She's stunning am I right!  2018-03-29_00412018-03-29_0041 2018-03-29_00402018-03-29_0040 2018-03-29_00432018-03-29_0043 2018-03-29_00422018-03-29_0042

Pure Perfection! 2018-03-29_00392018-03-29_0039

(Tori Lynn Photography) Fri, 30 Mar 2018 02:57:09 GMT
Drew & Alyssa E-Sesh Drew and Alyssa Engaged!

Lafayette, IN

March 10, 2018

Drew and Alyssa are a true vision of LOVE!!! These two were ready to brave the cold Indiana weather and explore downtown Lafayette with me!  There was not a time during their session that the two weren't giggling or playing around making these flawless smiles all so real! Falling in love with someone is great but falling in love with someone you can call your best friend is perfect and truly what has happened with this couple!  Thank you guys so much for exploring and making your engagement session so much fun!!! I cannot wait until your big day :) 

Be sure to check out all the love in this engagement session!!!


2018-03-29_00012018-03-29_0001 2018-03-29_00022018-03-29_0002 2018-03-29_00032018-03-29_0003

A little dancing never hurt anyone!

2018-03-29_00042018-03-29_0004 2018-03-29_00052018-03-29_0005 2018-03-29_00082018-03-29_0008

Giggles Giggles everywhere! 2018-03-29_00072018-03-29_0007 2018-03-29_00062018-03-29_0006 2018-03-29_00102018-03-29_0010 2018-03-29_00092018-03-29_0009

This is what pure happiness looks like! Congrats again you two!!! 



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Romantic Styled Wedding Downtown Romantic Styled Wedding 

Chicago, IL

January 2, 2018

Vendor Spotlight: 

Planner and Host: Katherine Walton 

Planner/host assistant and Photographer: Tori Criswell

Makeup: Natalie Wetzker 

Hair: Tamara Holden 

Gown: Alyssa Kristen ( Hayley Paige Design) 

Cake: Victoria Greatrix 

Papery: Rachel Latteri at Etui & Co 

Florist: Aysel Cristian 

Model(s): Carla and Walker

Party Rental/Stylizing Props: Party Crush Studio 

Party Plates/Silverware: BOHO Blush 


This styled shoot is sure to give all your blushing brides some romantic feels during your planning! All of the vendors who participated turned a vision into reality.  With an intimate feel this wedding inspiration is full of florals, deep colors, and a cake to wow you!  When they say Black is the new color your going to know why after you check out this Chicago Wedding Inspiration!! Be sure to scroll through to get all those little details that make every wedding complete!! Enjoy!!!


2018-03-24_00252018-03-24_0025 2018-03-24_00112018-03-24_0011 2018-03-24_00122018-03-24_0012

loving this simple place for a bride and groom to dine after they say "I Do!" 2018-03-24_00132018-03-24_0013 2018-03-24_00142018-03-24_0014 2018-03-24_00152018-03-24_0015 2018-03-24_00162018-03-24_0016

OH THIS CAKE!!! AND THOSE DETAILS! 2018-03-24_00172018-03-24_0017 2018-03-24_00182018-03-24_0018 2018-03-24_00272018-03-24_0027 2018-03-24_00262018-03-24_0026

So much romance in a smokey eye! 2018-03-24_00242018-03-24_0024 2018-03-24_00232018-03-24_0023 2018-03-24_00222018-03-24_0022 2018-03-24_00192018-03-24_0019 2018-03-24_00202018-03-24_0020

This floral arrangement screams summer romance am I right?!? 2018-03-24_00212018-03-24_0021

2018-03-24_00282018-03-24_0028 2018-03-24_00292018-03-24_0029 2018-03-24_00302018-03-24_0030

Chez is an amazing venue giving an industrial feel to its guests while still offering brick walls and windows galore! 

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Nick & Megan E-Sesh Nick and Megan Engaged 

March 5, 2018

The Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast

Ann Arbor, Michigan 


   I first met Megan when we were in high school and knew then she was an amazing girl who would go far! I was so excited to catch up with her during one of her best friends weddings this winter!  Nick and Megan were a dream to work with not only because they are so cute together, but they are so laid back and fun!!  This engagement session was just the beginning of the beautiful love story they are about to embark on and I cannot wait to capture their big day this fall!!!!



umm hello those are not forced smiles people!!!! 2018-03-24_00092018-03-24_0009 2018-03-24_00082018-03-24_0008

<3 <3 2018-03-24_00072018-03-24_0007 2018-03-24_00042018-03-24_0004 2018-03-24_00052018-03-24_0005 2018-03-24_00062018-03-24_0006 2018-03-24_00032018-03-24_0003 2018-03-24_00022018-03-24_0002 2018-03-24_00012018-03-24_0001 2018-03-23_00012018-03-23_0001

I'm so happy for you two and cannot wait to photograph your wedding!!! See you in August! 


Special thanks to The Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast for allowing up to explore and capture this beautiful (and cold) session!!!

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#Who Runs the World.....GIRLS!!!! Who Runs the World???  GIRLS <3

Galentine's Day February 9, 2018

Whyte Horse Winery, Monticello, IN


This year it's time to grab some gals and celebrate your friendship!! This Galentine's Day inspiration is full of pink, yummy treats, florals, and lots of laughs! (and a little wine!) The Winery was so much fun to work with and of course toasting to another year of friendship is always needed!!! Get ready for a party you and your #girlsquad will all approve of!



Venue/Beverages: The Whyte Horse Winery

Macaons: Latsis Bakery

Bakery: Cakes By Pam

Paper Stationery: Plan My Wedding Please

Calligraphy/Decor: Delaina J Designs

Planning/Styling: TLP Simply Me Designs

Flowers: White Willow Events

Models: Hagen Jacobs and Kirbie Stinnett



This invite and menu card were seriously so pretty and dainty!! 


2018-02-13_00252018-02-13_0025 2018-02-13_00052018-02-13_0005

Aren't those wooden place settings so darling!?!

2018-02-13_00072018-02-13_0007 2018-02-13_00272018-02-13_0027 2018-02-13_00292018-02-13_0029 2018-02-13_00012018-02-13_0001

AHHH CAKE!!! Each galentine got their own ombre tea cake!!! PINK PINK PINK!

2018-02-13_00022018-02-13_0002 2018-02-13_00192018-02-13_0019 2018-02-13_00212018-02-13_0021 2018-02-13_00202018-02-13_0020 2018-02-13_00032018-02-13_0003 2018-02-13_00042018-02-13_0004 2018-02-13_00092018-02-13_0009

Signature Valentine's Day wine....AND IT"S PINK!!!






CHEERS~~ Here's to another year with my Galentine!

2018-02-13_00142018-02-13_0014 2018-02-13_00132018-02-13_0013

Have a great Galentine's Day!!! Until Next year :) 


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Payton & Anna Say I Do Payton and Anna Say I DO!

January 6, 2018

Bushnell, Florida


I’m so happy for these two!! Payton and Anna are the sweetest people and you can feel their love for each other.  So many tears of joy throughout the day made it clear everyone in attendance was just so happy for them.  Payton and Anna contacted me about their big day last year when they decided they wanted to have a destination wedding in Bushnell, Florida!  Of course I was all on board and ready for an adventure!!!

We started the morning with the lovely bride and her girls in the barns bridal suite above the reception venue!  Peyton and Anna were married under the most magnificent tree that had the sun peeking through shining down on the two love bird as they said I Do!  The ceremony was so beautiful and intimate as the two were surrounded with close friends and family! 

Hanging with Anna and her bridal party all day kinda rocked.  Her personality is in her smile, she is most definitely as sweet as she looks!  When she put on her dress, I was just AHHH in love. I mean, seriously, stunning.... It's like her dress was made just for her!!! 

Congratulations you guys!  I am so happy I got to be a part of YOUR world this year and wish you all the happiness you so deserve.  <3 <3 <3

Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: The Red Barn at Bushnell 

Planner: Mary Kay Etheridge

Hair: Aubrey Akers

Caterer: Halie Hyatt

Florist: Sharon's Flowers

Baker: Publix Bakery and Cheryl Pisano

DJ: Lewis Stokes at 93.7 K Country

Bridal Gown: Chiffons

Invitations: Etsy

Anna had so many cute details...those glasses and robes were perfect for the morning festivities! 

Didn't I tell you she was stunning!!! 


Strike a fun pose....and go! 

A sibiling bond is unbreakable! 

This wedding ceremony has all my love! So romantic am I right?

Two families became one!


Walk along side me in this journey!

This venue is so perfect...and of course all tied together with more personal touches!

Isn't he just a little cutie?!?

Anna had a mother daughter dance that melted me <3

It's dancin' time!

A final kiss and of course a little flash light fun!!! 




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Icy Winter Styled at Legacy Barn Icy Blue Winter Wonderland 

Legacy Barn- Kokomo, IN

December 23, 2017

With the winter season nearing the end this Icy wonderland styled wedding is sure to give you all the inspiration to create your own winter wonderland! The morning of the session was nothing short of a winter wonderland when we got our first snow of the year! It was seriously the best weather for our inspiration! Traveling to the gorgeous Legacy Barn was truly an adventure as I was dreaming of all of this snow for our shoot! Collaborating with several local vendors made this vision come to life! I cannot thank them all enough for being amazing and totally nailing the vision and all its beauty! Be sure to scroll through and dream of your winter wedding!


Vendor Spotlight!

Venue: Legacy Barn

Florals: The Jefferson House of Flowers & Gifts 

Stationary: Veraly & Co

Dresses: Trudie's Bridal and Formalwear

Jewelry: Styled by Markie

Rentals: Nerdy Fox Rentals & Designs

Hair and Makeup: Unfading Beauty by Julia

Cake: Nétta Sweet

Bride & Groom: Erik-Briana Pedersen and Tori-Dan



The Legacy Barn was absolutely beautiful and full of hidden treasures! The owners were so welcoming and eager to help! 

The cake was perfect with the crystals making the "icy" feel come to life!

Tori and Dan are engaged to be married so this was perfect practice for their future big day!

Ahh those details with the brides veil and grooms tie made all the blues come together!


Ahh those florals were stunning am I right?

So the inside of the barn is a fairytale scene filled with lights and a beautiful chandelier to bring in a romantic vibe during their first dace or wedding ceremony! 

Couple #2 Eric and Briana 

An intimate sweethearts table filled with icy florals and blue table candle holders.  

Adding a few florals from the bouquets on your table settings is a simple yet beautiful touch!

A beautiful vintage love seat was a must needed piece to tie this couples special table together! 

Ahh a sleigh.... I mean what else screams winter more than it??

THIS GOWN!!! seriously all lace and the neckline!!! ahh I'm in love! 

Those jewels were so perfect with the icy blue and pastel!

Adding special personal touches can turn this winter dream wedding into a reality! 

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Mr. & Mrs. Kindle Mr. & Mrs. Kindle 

September 30, 2017

Monticello, IN


This lovely couple met in high school and have developed a beautiful relationship! They are simply breathtaking and full of love and laughter.  Watching these two interact during their engagement session made my heart so full and even more anxious for their big day! Adam and Brittany had a small wedding at their home (which was completely perfect!) filled with friends and family! Be sure to keep reading to see this wonderful dream wedding!


Special thanks to:

Hair-Fiesta Hair Salon, Monticello and Hair by Heidi of Fabulous 101, Monticello

Makeup- Carissa DeWitt, Monticello 

Florist- Robert’s Floral & Gifts, Monticello

Photography-Tori Lynn Photography, Monticello with assistant McKenzie Vibbert, Kokomo

DJ-DJ Boogie Nights

Cake-Alyssa and Denise Marmolijio, Monticello

Gown-Alfred Angelo

Bridal Party Attire-Davids Bridal and Men's Warehouse, Lafayette



The morning for the beautiful bride to be started off with hair and makeup with her bridal party and special ladies! 

After a little hairapy the ladies headed to get dolled up and dress for the ceremony!   


With help from her maid of honor and bridal party it is time to get this bride to be into her dream dress! 

Brittany wanted to make her first look to her mother one she wouldn’t forget! 

Time to head to the ceremony and promise forever! This location was simply amazing! and to think they get to look out their window and see it everyday…I may be a little jealous!

They had so many personal touches which made it even more personal!

It’s time to marry my best friend! 

Brittany stood at the top of this beautiful stairway that led her down to meet her future husband! 

The couple exchange intimate vows that they wrote for each other to express how deep their love is!


Sealed with a KISS!!!

Adam and Brittany made sure to include their fur baby!

How perfect are these colors?!?


Both sides of Adam and Brittany were absolutely wonderful and I was able to tell how important it was for them to be there on their special day!

This wedding party was amazing and full of fun! How awesome do they look?


Meet the wedding party!!! 


A special moment with the maid of honor was a must!!!


A little bit of alone time for the Mr. and Mrs. before they start their reception!!!


Let me introduce Mr. & Mrs. Adam Kindle!!!!

Adam had special moments with 3 important ladies in his life!!

Time for a little fun! AND CAKE!

I was able to steal Adam and Brittany for a perfect fall sunset! Get ready for all this beauty!!!

We returned to the reception just as the sun had set and lights filled the venue!

The night ended with lots of dancing under the stars! (Did I mention their neighbor made them a sign!?!)


Thank you so much Adam and Brittany for allowing me to be apart of your special day! I wish you both nothing but happiness and a lifetime of love!



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Isom Party Of Three This couple contacted me for their maternity session last month while visiting friends and family in Indiana.  Martha was so precious and had every little detail planned down to the positioning of her props when i arrived! We snuck away to a private wonderland where Mark was fortunate enough to call his home growing up! Mark and Martha had a cute picnic set-up for the two to cozy up and make memories! 

Aren't these props just the cutest? And they came from their wedding!

Look at that little baby bump! So much love!

That Chandelier!!!!!!!!!

The love between these two was undeniable! 

So ventured off down a wooded path to find a perfect spot for the two so stop and spend time on yet another life long memory!

Isn't she simply stunning?

seriously they are so cute!


walk with me and walk beside me on this thing called life!

Look at the love they have for each other!


This momma was simply stunning!


Thank you so much Mark and Martha for allowing me to capture such a beautiful life milestone! I cannot wait to see that little bundle of joy!

(Tori Lynn Photography) Thu, 31 Aug 2017 13:55:21 GMT