Mark & Stephanie- Engaged

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Mark and Stephanie~ Engaged!

Monticello, Indiana

June 2018


Mark and Stephanie snagged the most perfect spring evening for their first engagement session! We stopped downtown Monticello for a little stroll and then went exploring at the Altherr Nature Park! I have known Mark for several years and recently had the pleasure to meet Stephanie during their wedding consultation! Stephanie had a vision in mind for the months leading up to their 2019 wedding and it includes a full year of engagement sessions (yes that will mean one each season...IM SO HAPPY!!!) We kicked it off their first session during our lovely spring season and let's just say it could not have been any more beautiful! Although the weather had other plans for the fresh blooms we took full advantage of the wildflowers and open fields! I cannot wait until their next session (hint hint it may take place at an amusement park <3 ) and of course their big day!!! Thank you both so much for being amazing and allowing me to capture your final year before you say "I DO"!! 


Be sure to check out all the pretty captured in this spring engagement!

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Teaching every bride to be how to properly twirl is now in my job description :)  2018-06-15_00042018-06-15_0004 2018-06-15_00052018-06-15_0005 2018-06-15_00062018-06-15_0006 2018-06-15_00072018-06-15_0007 2018-06-15_00082018-06-15_0008 2018-06-15_00102018-06-15_0010 2018-06-15_00092018-06-15_0009

Ok, back story....Stephanie is terrified of the dip.....CAN YOU TELL...I THINK NOT :)  2018-06-15_00112018-06-15_0011 2018-06-15_00132018-06-15_0013 2018-06-15_00122018-06-15_0012 2018-06-15_00162018-06-15_0016 2018-06-15_00142018-06-15_0014 2018-06-15_00152018-06-15_0015

Aren't they just the cutest???




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