Dennis and Micaela E-Sesh

May 15, 2018  •  1 Comment

Dennis & Micaela Engaged 

France Park

Logansport, IN 

May 2018


Dennis and Micaela are a true love story! They met in a small school and the rest is history! The two have developed such an amazing relationship and friendship and they let it explode during their session! I love working with high school sweethearts and hearing all about their fairytale! I was beyond excited to work with these two and capture their big day! I wish you both nothing but true happiness and a lifetime together! Enjoy their Engagement session and stay tuned for their big day!!!


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Aunt Char(non-registered)
Wow the pictures are amazing , your love pours out with your smiles and touches ! May you always be blessed with love , smiles n happiness . When you have a rough day remember the feeling you had when these pictures were taken or your wedding day ! Blessings for a happy life together . Love you both bunches ❤️❤️
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