Romantic Styled Wedding Downtown

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Romantic Styled Wedding 

Chicago, IL

January 2, 2018

Vendor Spotlight: 

Planner and Host: Katherine Walton 

Planner/host assistant and Photographer: Tori Criswell

Makeup: Natalie Wetzker 

Hair: Tamara Holden 

Gown: Alyssa Kristen ( Hayley Paige Design) 

Cake: Victoria Greatrix 

Papery: Rachel Latteri at Etui & Co 

Florist: Aysel Cristian 

Model(s): Carla and Walker

Party Rental/Stylizing Props: Party Crush Studio 

Party Plates/Silverware: BOHO Blush 


This styled shoot is sure to give all your blushing brides some romantic feels during your planning! All of the vendors who participated turned a vision into reality.  With an intimate feel this wedding inspiration is full of florals, deep colors, and a cake to wow you!  When they say Black is the new color your going to know why after you check out this Chicago Wedding Inspiration!! Be sure to scroll through to get all those little details that make every wedding complete!! Enjoy!!!


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loving this simple place for a bride and groom to dine after they say "I Do!" 2018-03-24_00132018-03-24_0013 2018-03-24_00142018-03-24_0014 2018-03-24_00152018-03-24_0015 2018-03-24_00162018-03-24_0016

OH THIS CAKE!!! AND THOSE DETAILS! 2018-03-24_00172018-03-24_0017 2018-03-24_00182018-03-24_0018 2018-03-24_00272018-03-24_0027 2018-03-24_00262018-03-24_0026

So much romance in a smokey eye! 2018-03-24_00242018-03-24_0024 2018-03-24_00232018-03-24_0023 2018-03-24_00222018-03-24_0022 2018-03-24_00192018-03-24_0019 2018-03-24_00202018-03-24_0020

This floral arrangement screams summer romance am I right?!? 2018-03-24_00212018-03-24_0021

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Chez is an amazing venue giving an industrial feel to its guests while still offering brick walls and windows galore! 


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