Emerald and Gold Wedding Inspiration- Styled

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Emerald and Gold Styled Shoot

Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast

Ann Arbor, MI

March 5th, 2018


This emerald green inspired shoot is nothing short of breathtaking! The vendors who participated were phenomenal when bringing a vision to life! With details galore this modern day spin on an Irish setting is sure to make any bride dream of GREEN!!!! The Stone Chalet is a breathtaking venue full of hidden treasures, historic pieces, and a story behind every door making it another reason I was so excited to see my inspiration board in real life! I traveled almost 5 hours to capture this timeless and romantic styled shoot! I cannot thank all the vendors enough for rocking it out and of course sharing their love for weddings with me!!!


Be sure to check out all of the goodies we came up with!!!


Vendor Spotlight:

Planner and Host: Tori Lynn Photography

Videographer: White Willo Media 


CakeCottage View Cakery 

Florist: Flowerly Art 

Model(s): Jared Ammons and Allie Rodriguez

Venue: Stone Chalet Bed and Breakfast 

Bridal Wear: Pins & Needles On Main 

Table Décor/Dishware: Creating Flair (Flair by Fiona) 

Jewelry: Styled by Markie (Jeweled necklace and earrings ) and Honey Shea Studios (Pendent necklace and Silver Teardrop Earrings) 

Stationary: Dco Lovenotes

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UMM HELLO GORGEOUS!!!  2018-03-29_00192018-03-29_0019 2018-03-29_00202018-03-29_0020

Details on details!  2018-03-29_00232018-03-29_0023 2018-03-29_00222018-03-29_0022

This VENUE!!!!! 2018-03-29_00212018-03-29_0021 2018-03-29_00292018-03-29_0029 2018-03-29_00242018-03-29_0024 2018-03-29_00272018-03-29_0027 2018-03-29_00252018-03-29_0025

Loving this simplicity of this table scape! I mean its so beautiful! 2018-03-29_00262018-03-29_0026 2018-03-29_00282018-03-29_0028

SO MUCH DETAIL IN ONE CAKE!!! 2018-03-29_00302018-03-29_0030 2018-03-29_00332018-03-29_0033 2018-03-29_00362018-03-29_0036 2018-03-29_00372018-03-29_0037 2018-03-29_00342018-03-29_0034 2018-03-29_00312018-03-29_0031 2018-03-29_00322018-03-29_0032 2018-03-29_00352018-03-29_0035 2018-03-29_00382018-03-29_0038 2018-03-29_00442018-03-29_0044

She's stunning am I right!  2018-03-29_00412018-03-29_0041 2018-03-29_00402018-03-29_0040 2018-03-29_00432018-03-29_0043 2018-03-29_00422018-03-29_0042

Pure Perfection! 2018-03-29_00392018-03-29_0039


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