SuperHero Turns 1

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I met this little cutie when he was 3 months old and have had the opportunity to watch him grow into a little superhero! He was walking around, talking, and of course rocking his session! 

Every Super Hero needs his cape of was not such a hit lol

This SUPER cake was perfect for his theme! Thank you Cakes By Pam of Chalmers!

Little Mr. Elliott was not so sure about the cake! He was more interested in the rocks under his feet!

A little closer.......

Wait maybe I do like this stuff!!

And thats all folks!!! 

Now onto the clean up (this was clearly his favorite part of the session!!)


Happy 1st birthday little man!!!

Smith Fresh 48

July 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

On a sunny (early) Thursday morning I got a very wonderful message letting me know little Miss Madalyn had made her appearance! Mommy and Daddy arrived at IU Health and welcomed this little beauty to the world! 

Little perfect Madalyn Grace Smith! 5lbs 7 oz 18 inches long! 10 Fingers, 10 Toes, and 1 perfect little princess! 

Mommy and Daddy cannot stop looking at their precious little one! 

Madalyn is sooooo little! She melts my heart and seeing the way mommy and daddy look at her ahhh!!!!! Mommy and Madalyn are seriously so cute! Mommy snuggles are the best!

Smile little one! How cute is that!

Daddy's little girl you will always be!

Seriously these three are adorable aren't they!!

I think this is going to be one very loved and spoiled little princess....what do you think?

Of course a little sass is never a bad thing....especially when you are that cute! 

Congrats again Mommy and Daddy! And welcome to the world Madalyn! You three are truly beautiful and I cannot wait to watch you grow (and of course capture all the milestones to come!)


Taylor and Kristen Wheat Field Wonderland

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This gorgeous couple invited me out to their home to explore all of its beauty! We started out with this perfect little barn!

This land was so amazing with so many photo ops!

We even snuck in a quick shot with their cows!!

Next we ventured to where these two will be calling their forever home!!! It is going to be beautiful!!

A sweet kiss on the path to forever!

We were able to play in the field as the sun was going down! This couple was so precious!

Seriously how cute are they??

I don't think there was a time these two weren't smiling at each other! They are so perfect together!

Walk with me and beside be now and forever!

Our timing was perfect! The sun was so creamy and and filled the setting with so much dreaminess! (not sure that that is even a word)

Spin me around one more time! They were having so much fun!

These two were a dream to work with! Thank you both for having me to your home and allowing me to capture all this beauty!

Porter Turns 1

June 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This month a was able to meet a little cutie full of energy and spunk! We met at his grandparents home and went exploring!!

First stop was this pretty barn! Whats even better is his parents had their first moments as husband and wife captured at this same spot! This little guy was having a racing themed birthday, so it only seemed right to add a little checkers to his session!

Seriously how cute is he! We had so many great shots with this barn!

A little Black and White seems to fit and of course those eyes are amazing!

His parents brought out this cute rocker to add a touch of them and their family to his session! Mom, Dad, and a cozy blanket made this little one snuggle up for a few! 

Our adventure continued to this little tractor! He was so interested in everything but the camera! (I can't say I blame him!) 

This little family was so cute! 

Did I mention we met a new friend during our barn visit! This little kitten was the highlight of Porters day! He didn't want to leave him!

Off we go again! This time Porter was in the lead! We went down a magical path only to find more fun, friends, and beauty!

Now when I say this place was beautiful you can see what I had to work with! How amazing is that pond with willow trees leaning in?

Chickens from our little journey! Porter was pointing and cooing at them!

Mom and Dad were trying to get this little one to laugh! He was a tough little cookie!!!

Moving on our journey we discovered more hidden beauties and treasures!!! (Rocks!)

Little Porter did so good on our adventure we left a little time for some fun! His grandma had this ball pool all ready for little ones to play in! 

As you can tell he had a blast!!! Splashing around and playing a little catch with Dad!

Porter made it to the end of the adventure and was ready to hit the road in his little blue wagon!

Milk Anyone???

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My little girl is growing up so fast! Last night her dad and I decided to capture her in her favorite thing MILK (well water!) She didn't really smile as much as we thought so I guess we will just have to do another session!!!

We were trying to sneak in every glimpse of sun from behind the storm clouds as we could! And let me tell you the sun was amazing!

Of course this was her first experience with flowers floating in her bath so you can imagine the looks we got! 

Not much to our surprise, since at this stage everything we touch finds its way to our mouth, every flower at some point made it there too!

With a mix of sun and clouds(and a storm rolling in) this little one full of sass was not willing to give up any smiles to mommy and daddy! A beautiful setting at her daddy's childhood barn, a bucket with creamy milk water, gorgeous flowers of purple and green, and the most perfect 6 month old made this session amazing!

Towards the end little miss had her fill (which was well warranted)!! 

Nothing makes her calm down faster than a little snuggle from her favorite guy, her daddy!!!

All in all little miss Tinley did amazing and mommy was able to capture another milestone!

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